Genre: Deck-Building Game

  • Project started on: October 19th 2018

  • Project ended on: October 28th 2018

  • Approximate time spent on project: 50 hours

Gear Link Episode 3 is a GameJam game I’ve made for ‘PROCJAM’ 2018 where you had to do -something- that uses procedural generation. I had the idea for a long time to make a procedural deck building game where you would evolve your cards and they would get different abilities and you would fight monsters that evolved as well. My ideas were unfocused and spent a bunch of time designing mechanics that I ultimately scrapped.

I ultimately had to scrap a lot of ideas that I had because I bit more than I could chew. In order to make a procedural deck-building game, you have to make a deck-building game. And that requires having cards and drawing and turns and phases and card costs and abilities. This took a lot of time and I was a bit burned out by work. As a result, it took about 30 hours before I could -start- working on the procedural content. The result is so-so, but I’m happy with a bittersweet feeling with what I have.


About the game

You start Gear Link Ep 3 with 20 cards; They all give you +1 gold, but you can train them into cards that instead take gold and turn that into attack power. You can play one action card per turn, normally, and you have five card hands. There are a bunch of abilities you can get on your cards, like giving you more actions, dealing more damage but making you lose a turn, etc.

In order to get more abilities you have 6 categories of experience your cards can get depending on how you play (or don’t) play them. The map is also sprawling infinitely in all directions, with roads and towns and castles, until you get to fight the DemonLord.

AuthorJérémie Tessier