Video game development, web development project management, programming

Resourceful, passionate, proactive, loyal, works well under pressure

Loves to learn, takes feedback well, works well in a team

My goal is to find a job that will make use of my creativity and let me learn everything I can about the industry I am working in while my skills will evolve and be honed through refinement of my problem-solving based approach to work.


Baccalaureate in Video Game Design, Minor in Computer Science

College Diploma (DEC) in Computer Science
Vieux-Montréal CÉGEP


Seven Academy - Senior Programmer (2015-2016), Technical Director (2016-2019)

Programming games, small design decisions, adding features to existing products, fixing bugs, testing new technologies and working on multiple projects at once, managing and assisting employees. Implementation of agile methodologies, work on the knowledge base, technical decision making.

Oriso Solutions - Programmer (2013-2015)

Developing pieces of a complex web software project, setting up workflows and development environments for new technologies, building various pieces of client-side software (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS) to work with the web system, development of new features and monitoring of bugs and client requests.

Proxeemo - Lead Developer (2011-2013)

Server management, web development, project management, work with various companies and resources, problem solving, help with any other technological related issues.

StratègeMédia - Web Programmer (2009-2011)

Freelance work for various clients, analysis of client specifications, development of websites with a custom CMS, debugging and support.


Game Development: Unity, C#, design documents, prototyping, balance, testing, scripting

Web Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML5, CSS

Programming: C++, Java, Objective-C, Visual Basic, Agile Development

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, MacOS

Artificial Intelligence: Pathfinding, goal-oriented comportment, steering behaviors, fuzzy logic, state machines.