Genre: Turn-Based RPG, Minigames

Features: Upgrades, Resetting the game to become stronger

  • Project started on: November 27th
  • Project completed on: December 6th
  • Approximate time spent on project: 32 hours

Legend of Loadaia is a 'GameJam' game based around the theme of interactive loading screens, mostly because of the old Namco patent expiring. I had the idea to make a game where you'd wish to stay in interactive loading screens as long as possible because after that you get to fight an impossibly though boss. You unlock minigames by spending crystals in a shop and you upgrade them - and your character, in various ways - up until the point where you can defeat that incredibly dangerous enemy.

There are a ton of classes to unlock with various powers, spells with different degree of use, upgrades for all minigames and a few easter eggs here and there, I really had fun making this project and making this many minigames.


About the game

For twenty years, the hero of the loading screen had tried to fight against Patentlord Nampocalyse with no success. Now freed from shackles stuck on him since forever, the mystical Loadstones will help him defeat his nemesis.

Unlock mini-games to play while you're waiting for the final battle to load! Collect resources during these mini-games and use them to improve yourself. Buy classes, spells and other upgrades and reset the world to become even stronger.

The more mini-games you play, the more you delay the inevitable doomed fight against Patentlord Nampocalypse... But doomed for how long?

Minigame List

  • Treasure Hunt: There is a grid of chests, click on them to either find Loadstones or goblins
  • Skeleton / Wolf / Zombie: Gauge your opponent's possible moves and win in this rock-paper-scissors remake
  • Elemental AirVolution: Click the elementals where they are near the top of the screen to score gems
  • Fishing: Move your fishing rod, drop the lure in, and try to catch something
  • Dodgebeam: Move left and right in order to collect gems and avoid being shot by lasers
  • Boss Poker: It's video poker! Make good hands for gems jackpots or to get more time to play some more!
  • Chimera Auction: Bid (or buyout) multiple lots of items against AI bidders
  • Rune Memory: Watch the pattern of the rune and reproduce it
  • Shoot The Core: Move your character around bodyguard golems and try to shoot the core
  • Vault Buster: A picross-inspired game. Use the provided hints to open all the right doors

Spell List

  • Philoadsopher Stone: A spell that turns MP into loadstones
  • Heal: Recovers some of your health
  • Magic Missile: Fires magic projectiles at your enemy
  • Loading Break: Click the loading bar a whole bunch to deal damage
  • Dark Sacrifice: Resets your progress to 0 but adds 1 to your loadstone/stat multiplier


Version 1.1 - December 9th 2015

  • Fixed dark sacrifice price progression
  • You can now click on the intro and shop loading bars to make them fill faster
  • Last boss's magical attack won't real ridiculously low damage anymore
  • Boss Poker won't play a happy jingle when you lose
  • Improved Vault Buster's background music looping
  • Increased AI bidding in Chimera Auction using fuzzy logic
  • Gems will now spawn independantly of blasters in Dodgebeam
  • Added a negative type of fish in Fishing, scorpions; They spawn top to the surface and make you lose time
  • Added a visul multiplier in Fishing so you know how many gems you're getting
  • Catching good fishes in Fishing now give you time
  • Improved fish spawn time in Fishing
  • To account for long time spent moving by the ball in Rune Memory, the loading bar now won't fill when it's moving
  • Time gained when you win in Rune Memory halved
  • Destroying the core in Shoot The Core gives you time
AuthorJérémie Tessier