Genre: Procedurally generated exploration adventure

Features: Procedural generation, time limit

  • Project started on: November 7th 2015
  • Project completed on: November 15th 2015
  • Approximate time spent on project: 36 hours

Area 15:51:51 is a 'GameJam' project focused around procedural generation of content. It uses this mechanic to generate rooms, music and text. The inspiration came to me from looking at the ProcJam 2015 art pack that was gracefully provided to help designers with finding assets to make their game with. I had fun writing the algorithms to create the music - even though it might not sound like much more than bleeps and bloops - and the way the text is spat out from computer is pretty neat. I think I've done a few neat things with this game.


About the game

Area 15:51:51 is a game where you play Colonel Cornelius Copperfield, the security expert for a government base, you have been tasked to recover something from Room 999 before the place blows up in an hour. This base focuses on research in time travel, experimental weaponry and cloning technology, can you do it?

The controls are quite simple, click somewhere to indicate to the Colonel where you want to move. Hold the left mouse button on something to interact with it, click the right mouse button to fire your Nuclear Tactical Rifle - another piece of experimental weaponry, no doubt. The goal of each room is to get to the elevators located on the lowest floor of the room in order to proceed.

Each room is generated procedurally, there is close to no randomness going on, what influences the most how rooms are built is the timer counting down and the number of the room you're in. Can you get to Room 999 before you either die or run out of time?

Item list

  • Red/Green/Blue/Yellow Keycards: Opens up locked elevators that go down more floors than regular ones
  • Gas Mask: Protects you from one room worth's of gas
  • Shield: Protects you from one room worth's of projectiles
  • Medical Kit: Heals you when your health drops below a certain point
  • Power Shot: Allows you to fire a spread of projectiles in one room
  • Light Goggles: Prevents your vision from being obscured for one room
  • X-ray Glasses: Allows you to see the content of the boxes of one room

Hazard list

  • Bombs: Are hidden in boxes, deals damage if you stay close to them
  • Horizontal/Vertical turrets: Fire bullets at specific intervals
  • Gas Traps: Fills the room with gas, slowly draining your life
  • Solid Walls: Must be shot to get through. If you're out of ammo, a special elevator will appear to try and help you.
  • Moving turrets: Move either horizontally or vertically for more shooting spread
  • Laser turrets: Fire slow moving lasers
  • Mines: Explode damaging you if you run over them, they can be deactivated harmlessly
  • Clones: Move around their floor, if they spot you or if they get shot they'll start moving faster and shooting at you
  • Giant bombs: Explode after 30 seconds, damaging you if you're in the same room
  • Super Clones: They can drop bombs and release gas when they die
  • Gamble elevators: Will take you further than locked ones but can take (or give) you time
  • Mega Clones: Can warp between floors and use Power Shots
AuthorJérémie Tessier