Genre: MetroidVania, Shooter, Platformer

Features: Upgrades, achievements

  • Project started on: June 23, 2014
  • Project ended on: September 26, 2016
  • Approximate time spent on project: 790 hours

100RTBD is a game I've started so long ago that I can't really remember what my goal was at the time, it was related to including a story in one of my games, and making a metroidvania. The core idea was that you would explore 10 grids of 10x10 rooms in order to level up, fight enemies, get items, solve puzzles and figure out the story behind the game through text terminals, hidden messages in enemy descriptions and cutscenes.

Plenty went wrong. I started this so long ago, my grasp on unity wasn't like it is now. Many tasks were done by hand while automation would've worked wonders into allowing me to make rooms much much faster, I used poorly optimized code that I wish I could rewrite entirely, things like that. 

But now I realized that a very very small amount of people will ever play 100RTBD, and probably no one will play it to completion. This isn't a game I could sell, even for free, there are far better-looking and better playing products you can get. I was still using those placeholder assets since I can't generate better ones myself, and I haven't added music and sound because I'd have to make good music to fit what I initially had in mind.

What were my biggest mistakes with 100RTBD? Probably some sunk cost fallacy issues. I could've stopped a while back, tied up the story somehow, stopped the game at one of the alternate endings, but no, I wanted to be done with it. It would take me maybe another year to fully realize that vision I had two years ago, so I decided to cut the last 40% of exploration, and just release what I have. That'll leave me free to move on.


AuthorJérémie Tessier