Genre: Roguelike

Features: Crafting

  • Project started on: May 11th 2013
  • Project completed on: June 19th 2013
  • Approximate time spent on project: 85 hours

My goal with Brooman Potionmeister was to continue in the vein of procedurally generated maps and add some roguelike elements to it. I also wanted to create a crafting system which worked a bit like a puzzle. There was also an inventory and an actionbar where you could place potions and items to use them.

I wanted to create a niche title with permadeath and a constant threat of doom upon the player, where death wasn't the end but the opportunity to restart again with better options. The ending was also difficult to obtain, making this game completable only by the most determined players.


About the game

In Brooman Potionmeister, the player has to survive in a toxic environment with a limited supply of air and health. The air is represented by a gauge on the back of the character while the health is related by blinking lights on its front. Air is draining constantly while health is reduced by enemies and traps. The character's main ability is to spin, destroying things in its environment such as rocks and logs and globes of gold and silver, then using a cauldron, the player can craft potions and various items to help him defeat enemies, restore its resources and ultimately win the game. The way you brew potions is simple, you memorize a pattern for a few seconds and then you need to reproduce it before time runs out. If you fail, something might happen like losing your ingredients or the cauldron might simply blow up.

Whenever the player wants to quit the game, he has to craft a Safety Potion that will save his game and allow him to come back safely, however, if a player just exits the game, it will erase its progress and the player will have to start from the beginning.  This was done in order to enforce the permanency of what happened in the game; The player's inventory, his status in the world, etc. When the player finally dies, he gets to make a few choices that will influence his next run regarding the number of enemies, traps and resources he will find. Like in JesterQuest 3D, the level is built procedurally as the player moves in the world. As the player collects items and materials, he gets to learn more about them too, sometimes hints will be placed in these descriptions.


  • A/D: Turns the character on its axis (This game has what is called 'tank controls')
  • W: Move the character forward
  • Q: Use items/open chests
  • E (hold): Spin in place to break things
  • 1 to 9: Use slotted potions

Materials found in the game (ordered by rarity)

Rock, Wood, Rubber, Grass, Water, Sand, Steel, Iron, Sulfur, Ash, Tin, Silver, Oil, Bronze, Red Ink, Coal, Gold, Obsidian, Uranium, Quartz, Meteotite, Diamond, Lava, Normalium, Rarium, Epicium

Potions in the game

  • Rock Mix: Is thrown at enemies
  • Strength Mix: Increases drilling speed temporarily
  • Air Potion: Replenishes the player's air
  • Health Flask: Restores two life points
  • Lungs Mix: Increases max air capacity, restores all air
  • Purple Potion: Heals all life, replenishes air, restores max life total to 3
  • Spear Mix: Stabs in front of you
  • Map Fial: Shows you a map of the cave
  • Armor Drink: Grants you one temporary armor point
  • Glass Flask: Makes you imprevious to traps and enemies for a while
  • Firebomb Mix: Thrown at enemies, explodes in a ball of fire
  • Trapview Potion: Reveals traps
  • Warp Drink: Randomly warps you in the room you're in
  • Speed Potion: Increases your speed
  • Wall Breaker: Destroys walls
  • Light Fial: Dispels the toxic fog, removes the darkness ailment
  • Spinning Potion: Spins around the character as a barrier
  • Void Mix: Makes you invincible but air drains twice as fast
  • Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Omega flasks: Drinking them all in order makes you win the game
  • Meteorite Flask: Makes meteor fall randomly in the room
  • Boulder Mix: Bigger than Rock Mixes
  • Titan Potion: Increases drilling speed more
  • Epicium Mixture: Grants one unit of Epicium
  • Whirlwind Flask: Makes air regenerate over time
  • Golden Potion: Revives you if you die
  • Sniper Potion: Is shot in a straight line in front of you
  • Retry Mix: Resets the room you're in
  • Shield Fial: Gives 3 points of armor
  • Medal Fial: Makes new room have more helpful items and less enemies and traps
  • Ghost Flask: Makes you able to go through everything
  • Nuke Potion: Causes a large explosion
  • Trapproof Mix: Makes you immune to trap effects
  • Luck Drink: Increases quality of items found in chests
  • Return Potion: Returns the player to the first room of the game
  • Turbo Mix: Makes you go really fast
  • Gathering Flask: Increases number of items dropped from resources
  • Holy Potion: Can defeat ghosts
  • Wheel Fial: Spins really fast around you as a shield
  • Chaos Potion: Lowers your maximum health to 1 but greatly increases rewards
  • Armageddon Mix: Destroys everything in the room, deals 2 damage to yourself.

Enemies found in the game

  • Summoner: Spawns more enemies
  • Darkness Monster: Makes it dark around itself so you don't see as well
  • Mimic: Moves as you do
  • Armored Monster: Is invincible except when it attacks
  • Ghost: Spins around trying to find you, if it hits you lose maximum hit points
  • Poison Cloud: Carries a cloud of air-reducing poison around it
  • Trapper: Spawns more traps
  • Thief: Steals your items
  • Warper: Warps around the map, then attacks
  • Nuker: Explodes if it spots you
  • Shooter: Shoots bubbles at you constantly
  • Charger: Moves randomly, charges the player if it finds him

Traps found in the game

  • Spikes: A bunch of spikes pop out of the ground
  • Gas Bomb: Releases air-draining poison
  • Crusher: A piece of the ceiling goes down to crush the player
  • Doom Walls: The walls move to squish the character
  • Arrow Trap: Shoots arrows
  • Hole: The player falls through it
  • Fire Trap: Explodes all around itself
  • Lightning Trap: Shoots a bouncing ball of electricity
  • Ice Trap: Freezes the player in place
  • Darkness Mine: Reduces player visibility
  • Spinner: A spinning bar of fire
  • Pendulum: A swinging blade
AuthorJérémie Tessier