Bounzy! is a neat iOS game where you shoot balls, breakout-style, at enemies coming toward your wall. If they make it, you lose health and eventually lose the map. In order to defeat increasingly powerful foes, you need to upgrade your projectiles and acquire new spells, like a poison effect or piercing shots. You also can use more powerful spells like meteors and electricity a few times per map. All of these systems are okay and the core gameplay of Bounzy! is actually really good, the problem is that you are drowned in ads, micro-transactions and gameplay balance obviously skewed towards taking forever if you don't spend money on the game.

There's really not much else to say about Bounzy! You need to destroy chests and find keys in order to gain gold and diamonds on each level, and these resources are direly constrained. Gold is used for all upgrades and while at first I was able to keep my projectiles, wall and spells upgraded to match enemies, it soon came obvious that I couldn't keep up. Diamonds are even worse, you use them to cast spells, which can simplify levels a ton by dealing lots of damage on your foes. You are limited by how many spells you can cast per game, but they still require a finite resource - or you could watch ads, but for some reason, doing so crashed my game constantly. The difficulty then ramps up, and when I stopped playing, I just couldn't go through the levels I was at.

And it's a shame, because the core idea of shooting tons of projectiles and having them bounce around enemies to destroy them was kinda cool. I wish that you could've upgraded your aiming line in order to get a good idea of where your shots would bounce, but besides that the core systems are fine. Maybe in a premium priced game where every system would be build around fun instead of making money, Bounzy! would have shone, but that's not the game that I played.

AuthorJérémie Tessier