Destiny 2 isn't a great game, I didn't have much hopes going into it - and the only reason I really did was because I got it for free and it was on PC - and I thought that at best it would get on some level similar to Borderlands. It's more like an MMORPG played in the first person view, with a sci-fi setting. The mission structure, lack of customization options and general gameplay loop turned me off from the game and I didn't put much time into it.

The game starts with character creation; you need to pick a class from a list of three without much explanation about how they play differently and the kind of skills you'll get later on, so it's difficult to make a informed decision. I just picked warlock, without knowing what it would do. Warlocks having flaming swords and shoot fireballs, which is extremely weird and doesn't fit too much with the 'warlock' archetype. After a destructive story introduction, you go around shooting enemies, you start with a bunch of gear that you lose later on and the gear system is a bit weird. You have a base 'power' stat, and three sub-stats, Mobility, Resilience and Recovery, which say nothing.

The gameplay in these introduction bits is fine, but at some point I got into a multiplayer event with giant boulders falling down on me and I got killed instantly a few times. You can be revived indefinitely during these events so I didn't have many problems. After a while you lose all your abilities, which is a bit weird since there wasn't much to begin with, and you start over after some forced walking with lower stats and bad gear. This is an odd choice, because the difference isn't that striking. You then get to a social hub where I just ran to the quest marker, ignoring everything else. I then got sent to a zone on a planet where I did quests, stopping every two minutes because there were public events popping up around everywhere.

Besides that, you can use three weapons and you have a few skills alongside grenades, but there is no real skill tree to speak of, you just unlock new things as you level and it almost could've been a straight unlock system. Hoarding skill points felt kinda useless and my options weren't very interesting. Armor is just a big number you look at and upgrade your armor with higher numbers. The game is full of factions with reputations and resources to grind for, which is a bit annoying, since you encounter it super quickly and you don't seem to be able to do anything with it when you get there.

I didn't enjoy Destiny 2 much, the setting is interesting and some of the design is impressive, but overall it's too much like an MMO and there isn't enough stuff to make your character feel like it's yours, in the early game, at least. I stopped playing when there was some dumb platforming puzzle that I could't get through. 

AuthorJérémie Tessier