Broforce is a really neat shooter where you run around battlefields, shooting an extreme number of enemies with various characters - each equipped with signature weapons and special abilities - while dodging bullets, explosions and other hazards. I really enjoyed my time with it, although I didn't get all the references it makes - characters all have 'Bro' puns, like Rambro and the Brosen One. The chaos is a bit overwhelming at times, but the game is pretty forgiving with its checkpoints and the difficulty isn't that high, so I could have a good time with the whole game.

The way characters work in Broforce is a bit weird, you start with one life, and by rescuing more bros from cages, you switch character and get more lives. This is an interesting system, although it can be frustrating at times; Starting a level with a character you like and immediately switching to another one that you don't care for is a bad way to start a level. I kinda wish that you could have a roster of available bros that expend whenever you save a new one, and you can switch between them. Characters all can jump, grab to walls using knives and they have three specific actions; a basic attack, a special ability and some kind of melee attack. Some characters attack in weird ways, with a whip or melee weapon, or explosives, but they usually have guns with various effects. While some might have rapid-fire, you also have homing bullets, flamethrowers, bouncy grenades and other neat ideas.

Enemies are mainly grunts, firing in your generic direction if they spot you, most enemies are unaware of your presence and you can kinda sneak past them. There are a few types; kamikaze bombers, huge brutes with gatling guns, robots and even aliens after a while. Levels are peppered with explosive barrels and most of the environment is destructible, so you can carve your way around most maps if you want, but it's kinda time consuming and you have to be careful not to be blown away, impaled on spikes, lost in a bottomless pit or crushed by huge blocks.

The mission variety is a bit lacking, but it's not a huge problem. You'll mainly want to find Satan and get to your helicopter, but some missions have you complete an objective solo in order to unlock new items that I never used because character's special abilities were plenty enough, I wish these unlock were more significant. While mowing down everything in sight, you free more bros, and that's how you unlock new ones as well. You'll fight against massive bosses from times to times, but they're usually bullet sponges that you have to wear down, with some exceptions; there was this one boss helicopter that you had to attack with gaz canisters exploding upwards.

I really enjoyed Broforce, it's mindless good fun, there's enough variety in the characters to keep you interested and it's a game that's easy to get into and cause some mayhem. It doesn't take itself too seriously and it's a good parody of action movies in many ways. Just be careful of the chaos around and you'll make it through the game without too much frustration.

AuthorJérémie Tessier