Euclidean Lands is a small puzzle game for iOS where yo move your character around while trying to defeat enemies in a set number of turns, the interesting hook comes from the fact that you can rotate and turn around all parts of the map and that action is happening in all dimensions. I enjoyed it, but completing all levels with a perfect rating was a bit too much for me, and I kind of wish that they had an undo function, since sometimes it's easy to mistakenly move somewhere.

The game starts simple enough, you tap tiles to move to them. It quickly becomes complicated when you need to rotate the level to see all of it and you need to move rows and columns like a rubik's cube to get where you want. Your character can only move on the same plane, so it's your job to rotate the world around to get him where you want to. The goal of each level is usually to defeat all enemies and get to a portal. Enemies have attack lines where they'll hit you if you move yourself - or them - into the line, so you need to flank them in order to defeat them.

The challenge is more in figuring out the solution of the puzzle than in simply killing everything around. The game would be much chiller if you had an infinite number of turns and had only to figure out -how- to get things done. I feel like my tendency to try and get everything 100% completed made me stop once I couldn't get the levels perfectly. And the challenge does ramp up; You get enemies that move really fast, weird boss fights - they can move the cube around like you do - and after a while you get teleporters, which is where I stopped. They add so much complexity, I couldn't make it past them.

I had a good time with Euclidean Lands, I really like the concept and the systems work well, I wish it was a bit more forgiving so that I could've enjoyed it more, but as it is, I don't regret my purchase. It's a fun puzzle game.

AuthorJérémie Tessier