Masters of the Masks is a confusing and convoluted free to play turn-based RPG where you spend stamina in order to fight guys, only to die on the fourth level because the balance is out of wack. To do so, you find materials to create masks and gear and you spin wheels and wait for a few minutes in order for crafting to complete - or you can always pay to make it faster. I didn't have much fun with it.

The core concept of the game is somewhat solid, you make a party of characters with different abilities and you fight turn-based battles by using skills and attacking enemies - with a limit-break like system in place. There are plenty of 'races' and 'classes' to choose from and all that crafting could be interesting. But no, it's filled to the brim with mechanics that transpire against you having fun. Stamina that you lose from fights, fights way too hard to be won without grinding, the necessary grind to get materials to make masks and fuse them and make equipment, followed by lacking in stamina.

I maybe put only one hour into this, since, to crown the already boring gameplay, it ran pretty bad too. Menus were clunky and I had to wait through animations for things that should've happened instantly. And don't get me started on the whole 'buy heroes with real money to be able to beat the game' thing, that's just poor game design. So anyways, MotM, don't play it if you can't stomach F2P mechanics. If you have infinite time and/or money (and maybe a more powerful iPad), there might be some enjoyment in there, somewhere.

AuthorJérémie Tessier
Categories2/5, iOS, RPG