I'm probably going to give Beside a second look somewhere in the future if it gets massively updated or something of the sort, because I didn't enjoy my time with what's currently out there right now. Besiege is a puzzle game of sorts where you build siege engines out of many different parts in order to complete objectives, you have a large range of choices for parts and control over them and the objectives are also varied. That being said, I got quickly frustrated after getting stuck very early on with no help from the game at all.

The first level is an introduction to the core concepts of Besiege, you add some blocks around a source cube, add wheels and you're good to go and ram a house down! You can make very cool designs with the tools they give you, complex machines with parts that disconnect from the rest, parts that extend, and so forth. But then I got stuck on the third level or such. A wall with archers with my objectives behind it. I had no idea how to make proper steering since you have a few choices and everything I did lead to my siege engine breaking down. The tutorial also stopped there, for some obscure reason, and I tried dozens of different things that didn't work, and at no point did anything pop-out to help.

Furthermore, your siege engine is very fragile if you have no idea what you're doing. Everything breaks down very quickly if you're not following some engineering know-how that is not automatically provided to all of us. Some indications on-screen about potential points of failure would have been mighty useful. After that level - solved with help from the internet - it was pretty hit or miss. Rolling balls into a circle was accomplished by connecting a bunch of springs on wheels and just extending all of that at once and hoping for the best, a fort was destroyed by ramming a box with bombs in it - again on wheels, and most of these solutions come from the web anyways.

It's also a bit weird that you start with everything unlocked in the 'main game'. I can understand letting the player mess around in a sandbox mode, but this was quite overwhelming. Maybe there should be more levels where you teach the player how to use all of that stuff, unlocked progressively. I'm just not a big fan of "here's a thing you have to do, maybe propellers, a gun and two rotating piece of metal will help!". There are just too many things to choose from and as a result, my creations where too complex and ultimately doomed for failure.

Then again, Besiege is still in early access. These are just my two cents about a game still in development, so it's not a final judgement on the completed product. But if there's something I dislike in puzzle games, is being stuck for unreasonable amounts of time on something that feels like it should almost be trivial.

AuthorJérémie Tessier
Categories3/5, Puzzle