Questland embodies most of what I find is wrong with mobile games today; Good production values, interesting core systems - sometimes, but ultimately a bunch of timers, resources to buy and spend for incremental upgrades that almost don’t matter and a gameplay experience that involves a lot of busywork for not much fun. I tried to get into Questland and see if there was anything in there, but it didn’t take me too long to stop trying.

The core gameplay of the game is selecting talents by matching colors in a small field. You can activate three different effects depending on if you make matches or not, and they get stronger the more you match at the same time. Depending on the talent, you’ll attack enemies, heal yourself or do some other effects. The numbers for your stats and enemies are incredibly out of proportions from the start. Having stands in the tens of thousands makes every upgrade or stat difference feel super incremental and meaningless. You fight a bunch of enemies with their own abilities - they attack every few turns - and after you complete a map, you get some loot.

And boy there are many types of loot to get, too many to count. You get items from chests - and there are like 8 slots to equip - you can fuse gear together (for ridiculously small stat growths, we’re talking about less than 1% boosts here) and upgrade it with eternium, there are gems, shards, gold, loot tokens, top up points, vip points, fame, keys, chests and a bunch of other things. There are armor sets, roulettes to spin, special ‘events’ where you get rewards for spending premium currency - a LOT of premium currency, crafting materials from old gear, slotting orbs into your gear, etc. etc. You even collect talents that way, in gacha-like chests where you have a huge list of rewards but only a few of them are good - or does it matter, really?

The battles quickly became boring with numbers flying around the place. This is just a gacha trap full of systems that only work well together in order to make you spend money. I just stopped after a few hours - which is in my opinion a bit more than I should’ve given this one.

AuthorJérémie Tessier
Categories2/5, iOS, RPG