Splitter Critters is a neat puzzle game where you try to move aliens on a map so they get to their spaceships by avoiding hazards and moving around platforms. To do so, instead of controlling anything directly, you can just swipe around the screen to cut it and move the different pieces around, doing so makes characters follow various paths. It’s a really cool puzzler and it kept me engaged for most of the game.

The game is divided in multiple themed planets and starts with a very simple grassland. There, you learn about the basics of the game, simple two platform levels where you swipe the world in two and move one part up or down, and your critter will walk to the spaceship. You can swipe up to three times in order to move parts of the world around and the mechanics of the swiping are the only issue I have with the game, you only have one motion in order to move something and afterwards it gets registered as a new swipe, I kinda wish you could move parts you have already split without having to undo and redo your swipes.

The game becomes progressively more difficult with monsters, water and other hazards being added over time. The main game stays the same; you have to move your lemmings-like creatures to the goal. Sometimes you'll have them walk on moving platforms, sometimes you'll need to press down switches in order to make the goal appear, sometimes you'll split the world apart in order to move laser beams that hit certain targets and open new ways, Splitter Critters is full of neat little ideas that rarely overextend their welcome - although it does happen from time to time.

I really enjoyed Splitter Critters, it's a good puzzle game and I've went through the whole thing. I really wonder how they did the whole 'splitting' thing!

AuthorJérémie Tessier