Taps To Riches is a neat little idle game where you buy businesses and tap on houses in order to generate money (in order to buy more businesses and upgrades in order to generate more money) filled with subsystems that make it interesting to come back to the game every day. Even without spending a single cent, I had fun with TTR and while all systems didn't work perfectly for me, I still wasted a few days tapping along.

The core of the game is simple; you buy and upgrade buildings that produce money over time and you can tap on a house in order to get a percentage of that money each tap. Buildings are upgraded to give more money, and at certain milestones (multiples of 25) you get a speed bonus so the building produces money faster. Ultimately, you get robots that increase your overall money production and you reset the game with some bonuses to help you make more money the next time around. This is classic idle gameplay.

You also have advisors that you win from a lottery, they all have unique effects and you can pick 3 at the same time. I kinda wish that all the advisors you had collected were active at once, they have too specific abilities for it to be easy to pick which ones you want, and some will never get used once you find slightly better ones. A x2 chance to gain premium currency when you tap might seem nice, but are minuscule odds to randomly get something better than 5x speed for all businesses in a specific map? 

The way you restart the game (with Bizbots) with profit bonuses is okay, you have a few upgrades you can buy and they're fairly linear, they have a bizbot number requirement so if you don't have enough you won't be able to buy them all immediately. You also can get business bonuses when you upgrade your money-making establishments, which range from crit bonuses to profit bonuses for 30 seconds. You can watch ads to double these rewards; you can watch ads for a lot of things, I know I did. It was the best way to get tokens for the wheel of fortune, or to have a passive x2 profit boost, among other things. I guess that ads are better than straight up premium currencies being required to do anything, but I wish the game was microtransactions free.

The thing that bummed me the most about Taps To Riches was the spring event that went on while I was playing it. You could win flowers by tapping, opening boxes, spinning the fortune wheel, watching videos, the list goes on, and there were a ton of rewards, including exclusive advisors and a bunch of resources used to boost your production and unlock more stuff. The big problem is that you could never get everything without spending money. I almost played nonstop during the whole event and there still were thousands upon thousands of flowers required to unlock everything. The last idle game I had played was Adventure Capitalist, and the events there were entirely possible to finish if you were dedicated enough. Here, it seems like you just needed to buy tons and tons of flowers.

That being said, Taps To Riches is a neat idle game and it probably would've kept my attention for a longer while if I had nothing else to play. Ignoring the event problems I had, it's fairly generous with free goodies - if you don't mind watching ads - and the core loop of making money to make money is there to hook you in!

AuthorJérémie Tessier
Categories4/5, iOS, Idle