AdVenture Communist follows in the style and concept of Adventure Capitalist, a game I have reviewed a few years back. An idle game that's trying to do some things differently, I had some fun with it, but I lost interest quickly. It's a very pyramidal game; You have basic resources like potatoes and ore and you have production resources like farmers and miners. You need to spend farmers and miners in order to get other production resources that create farmers and miners automatically, which you then spend to get another layer of resource that produces more producers. It's a neat idea, but I hit a wall of not being able to upgrade fairly quickly, so I stopped.

You start the game with nothing, you hold a green button to produce potatoes and after a while you buy farmers to make potatoes for yourself. You eventually unlock communes that produce farmers, collectives that create communes, plantations that spawn collectives and hives that generate plantations. It takes more and more resources to be able to unlock and construct the higher-tier stuff and sometimes it seems pretty overwhelming how much stuff you need to build a seemingly useless building that'll create other things very slowly. Besides the basic resources needed, you also have 'comrades' which is another resource that grows steadily on a timer and you can improve by completing production milestones, but overall I felt that this it was too restrictive and I often was hampered and frustrated by this.

Then there are multiple industries like land, ore, ammo and medicine that all work on the same system. You can watch ads in order to increase productivity for all your industries, a lot of ads. There are also a bunch of in-app packages that you can get and once you buy one, the game has plenty of others to offer. It's a bit annoying, especially when I decided to buy one of them and the game was offering me something else instead. And even by spending real money - because I thought I would be playing this for longer than I did - I hit a wall fairly quickly with science.

Science is the resource you get when you accomplish big production milestones and these medals allow you to rank up when you reset the game. Science is used to buy upgrades and there are too many of them, they also have pretty weird effects like x3 to something and -10% to something else, so it's extremely confusing to figure out what upgrades you should buy. You also can't sort by cost, hide upgrades that are too expensive, etc. It's a bloated system that I felt wasn't helping. You seemingly can spend all your science in upgrades that cancel each other and won't help you progress. And that lack of progress was where I stopped. it didn't seem like I was any close to get any medal required to rank up and have new experiments to research, resetting bought experiments costs science, so it's not a clean proposition as well. I kinda wish the bonuses were more straightforward.

AdVenture Communist is a so-so idle game, I lost the feeling of excitement about upgrading and resetting my game fairly quickly with the lackluster science system and the really high milestones you need to get before you can gain more points to upgrade. I'd rather play more AdVenture Capitalist instead.

AuthorJérémie Tessier
Categories3/5, iOS, Idle