Cityglitch is a neat little puzzle game where you move around small grids of tiles in order to light up special panels while avoiding to lock yourself out of the puzzle or to be defeated by various enemies and bosses. It's pretty cool even if some of the later ones are quite fiendish and I couldn't finish the game. It's got style and its easy to control, so I'd recommend it to puzzle enthusiasts!

The basic controls of Cityglitch are simple; Your character moves like a queen from chess and you can go pretty much wherever you want, giving you great mobility. Stages are littered with obstacles, deadly and otherwise, so you have to plan your moves in advance not to get stuck. Obstacles come in many forms. There are cats that move away from you - and can get stuck if you herd them in the wrong corner. Zombie-like creatures that move towards you, dashing spike-like things that go back and forth and bosses with special movement patterns. In each cases, the goal is the same; Move over all the special panels to light them up.

There isn't much else in what I've played, the game adds new mechanics as you go through the levels (teleporters, tiles that kills anything that end their turn there) but I haven't managed to make it to the end, I got stuck at one boss and had to bang my head against a wall until I decided to stop playing. I kinda wish that the little 1 second boss intro was skipped, I also kinda wish that some levels weren't just me moving around randomly in hopes of figuring something out. But besides that, Cityglitch is great. I kinda wish I had seen it all, but that's how it is!

AuthorJérémie Tessier