Konami Pixel Puzzle Collection is a game much like Picross - a style of game I simply adore - where you solve puzzles by filling lines and columns using numbers as clues. In this perticular version, you solve puzzles related to Konami characters and games and as a free product, it’s great. You only have to see ads after each puzzle, which isn’t too bad, and there is a timer on ‘boss’ puzzles which seems like it would make it take forever to go through them all, but otherwise I really recommend it.

After a short tutorial explaining how Picross works, you’re thrown at very simple 5x5 puzzles, great to learn how the game works. The game moves on to 10x10 and then gets stuck at 15x15 until you run out of puzzles - or desire to play it. You get timed for all puzzles so you could theoretically try to beat your old record, but there’s no reason to do so, the game is also super generous and doesn’t penalize you when you mark wrong squares, like other Picross games. This is a good thing because sometimes the controls are a bit iffy, the game doesn’t recognize your touches if you have multiple fingers on the screen (or the palm of your hand) and switching between marking spots and flagging them as not part of the solution sometimes fails to work. Maybe this would work wonders with a mouse?

Otherwise, there’s not much to say. ‘Boss’ puzzles which are large grids of smaller 15x15 puzzles are on a lengthy multi-hours timer and I wish you could bring that down by completing regular puzzles, or something, and I haven’t used hints in earnest, so I’m not sure how they get refilled if you run out. Same thing with puzzles, I don’t know what happens when you run out of regular puzzles and need to move on to bosses, do you just wait for them to be refreshed? In any case, Konami Pixel Puzzle Collection is a great Picross game that’ll last you a long while!

AuthorJérémie Tessier