Klocki is an iOS puzzle game where a series of levels with varying and complex mechanics add on top of each other to create interesting little challenges. Starting with simple tile-swapping puzzles where you need to connect all lines and ending with complex tile-sliding with rotation and color puzzles added on top of that, I just burned through all of it. Not all puzzle types were hitting it 100% with me (and the rotating puzzles lagged like crazy on my old iPad) but Klocki is a great puzzle game.

This game has a very clean style and almost no UI. It starts new mechanics with really simple versions to guide you like a tutorial. The first thing you do is match line endings to create complete circuits. This can become a bit more complicated, but the layout of the puzzle grids helps players figure it out. The game moves to a 3D view at some point, but since you can't rotate the figure, it's more a board layout than anything else. Another puzzle type is to have white dots not placed on any adjacent tiles. Then the game starts combining these elements. You also get black squares that need to be grouped together. Rotating circles, rotating tiles, sliding tile puzzles and circles that other shapes that need to be completed. And then everything is melded together for very complex puzzles.

There's not much else to be said about Klocki. The visuals and music are appropriate and the mechanics are very interesting. I kinda wish there would've been more puzzles showcasing other combinations of tiles, but what was in there was enough for me. I went through the whole thing and enjoyed it! If you like iOS puzzles games that aren't too challenging but still offer a fair deal of thinking, I'd recommend this one.

AuthorJérémie Tessier