TurretZ is a weird mix between twin stick shooter, idle game and tower defense. I'm not sure which of these genres this game is supposed to be, but it isn't very fun. You have a planet in the middle of the screen with a whole lot of enemies around, and the planet rotates while auto-firing with various weapons, after you defeat a bunch of enemies, a boss appears. Defeat that boss, and you get to the next level, which is almost identical to the previous one. The planet is tough to control, your weaponry is unreliable, and progression is extremely slow, I didn't enjoy TurretZ much.

You start with a small planet and a basic turret, rotating around. Turrets have various effects - they shoot fast, slow, in spreading patterns, home on enemies, explode, slow them down, etc - and you can upgrade them. Although upgrades are expensive, they feel almost insulting. I upgraded a missile launcher for a lot of money, but it went from dealing 3 damage per shot to 3.5, which didn't feel like it was doing more damage. The game offers upgrade packs and coin doublers, but I kinda wish it was a premium game with balanced content upgrade costs. Right now it takes too long to get any of the cool stuff and even the stronger weapons aren't that satisfying for the time you have to grind for them.

And my worst gripe with the game are the controls. Your orbiting planet is really small and you'll cover it entirely with your hand while trying to move it around. There are a ton of projectiles and enemies on the screen, and it's impossible to dodge everything. I likened TurretZ to an idle game because the 'fun' way to play it for me was to leave the planet at the center of the screen and let it passively kill stuff. I kinda wish that you wouldn't be able to move the planet, but instead had two buttons to rotate it left and right in order to take potshots at your enemies and aim certain weapons at bosses when they appear, that feels like a more fun kind of game to me.

TurretZ was semi-interesting for only a little while, I tried to get the later weapons - and later stages - to see if they were more fun than the basic stuff you start with, but it took too long, and it wasn't really better later on. I didn't manage to get the ultimate weapons with coin costs in the millions, but I Don't feel like it would make the game that much better to play.

AuthorJérémie Tessier