Inexistence is a platformer RPG that didn't do anything for me. I've found it too difficult and I've found that it didn't offer me enough customization or options in order to defeat the challenges in front of me. I feel like I've gave it its fair shot, but couldn't muster enjoyment out of it. On the positive side, I liked the graphics and style of the game.

Inexistence is a pretty by-the-number platformer with no real metroidvania trappings. You move linearly through stages and try to get to the end while killing enemies for experience and gold. I have a bit of an issue with the arcade-like sensibilities of this game; not having deep customization and progression systems enough means that you don't feel like grinding is necessary, and yet there are a few stats to improve and a few items to buy, so you kind of need to. I kinda wish that the game either gave me more options and more items to buy, or dropped the level-up system altogether and played it straight as an action platformer.

I didn't really like the spell system - maybe there are more spells - but the one you get first is pretty underwhelming, allowing you to shoot a single ball of energy and is pretty limited with your MP meter that refills very slowly. You find gear that improves your stats but not much else. I would've thought that items with evocative names like 'Water Emblem' would protect against underwater enemies, or something like that, but everything is just a base stat boost. Levels are pretty linear, with a few side branches here and there to get more money or to find jigsaw pieces that didn't seem to do anything. You can only save at certain points, and if you die - in a lava pit, for instance - it's game over and you need to go back to the last save point. That's a bit harsh. There are a few puzzles here and there, like moving rocks or activating switches, to shake up the monotony.

I had to stop during the water level because I couldn't get past the boss. I didn't want to go back and grind forever and I felt I was as ready as I could, but this guy would just destroy me every time. After the nth time getting destroyed I decided that Inexistence wasn't for me. It's not a terrible game, but it didn't hit the marks that I had hoped it would.

AuthorJérémie Tessier