Swap Sword is a little puzzle game where you swap tiles to create lines and clear them. Depending on the cleared tile, you either get some mana, hearts, keys to open doors to the next level, or money. You can also clear enemies that way, although a difference in this game is that while you can only swap identical tiles, you can move your character around in order to defeat enemies and collect gold. Once the ending door is opened, you have a set number of turns to leave before death arrives. New mechanics are slowly introduced and you get upgrades between each level. I probably could end my review here because that's all there is to Swap Sword, and that's why I was kinda bummed by it.

My biggest problem with Swap Sword is that it's a score attack game, I really would've enjoyed it more if you could buy things with gold, power-up your character between runs so you'd get further on the next run, unlock new characters to play as, new mechanics to help you, etc. As it is, I've just hurled myself against the first two worlds over and over, never making it further. Even though the game is kinda fun, there could've been more meat to it and it would have kept me playing for more than I did.

Swap Sword isn't bad, but it's too thin for me at this point. There seems to be a nice mix of abilities you can get when you beat levels, but they don't carry over in any way, and sometimes death can be random and unpredictable. Playing for points didn't do it for me, so I stopped after the nth time attempting the second world with its windmills and evil campfires.

AuthorJérémie Tessier