Asymmetric is a neat idea executed in a frustrating fashion. At its core, it's a simple puzzle game where you move two characters on separate fields. When you move one, the other does the opposite. This create puzzles that should be interesting in theory, but I've found it very frustrating in practice. You can fail non-stop and it can become irritating to plan ahead for each levels. Furthermore, the game even gives you the complete solution if you get too stuck, which I have used too many times. You can almost do it on every level. I didn't have a great time with Asymmetric.

Each level works with a 'par' mechanic where you need to complete it under a certain number of moves, the number of steps left you have can be banked and used to unlock new aesthetics for your characters or to give you hints - or complete levels for you. This is a fun mechanic at first, when levels are easy but then it prevents you from completing them when they get really tricky. There are some levels I couldn't even figure out given an infinite number of moves, having to restart them because of the move limitation didn't help. If you add the fact that you need to complete a certain number of levels in each worlds to move on, it can get annoying.

I especially found annoying levels with holes in them, which comprise most of the game, since whenever you fall in them, you reset that one character to the beginning. It's tough to think so many moves ahead that you know if you -need- to fall in holes constantly to complete a level, or if they are really the traps they seem to be. The game adds a few mechanics like teleporters and probably other things that I'll never see and they're neat ideas, but all added up together, I wasn't having fun.

And then there's the free solution for 20 'credits' mechanic. You can have the game half-complete a level for 10, or just finish it for 20. I find it a bit weird that you still get the number of moves above par remaining in credits even when you make the computer finish. I've used it so much that it didn't feel like I was playing the game anymore. How could I figure out later puzzles if all I did was skip the earlier ones because they felt too tedious for me? I stopped after the third world, I wasn't having fun.

AuthorJérémie Tessier