Slash Mobs is a perfectly competent - although I've had pretty bad performance issues on my iPad which prevented me from enjoying the game - idle stage-based monster killing game very similar to Clicker Heroes and other idlers of that style. It adds a few mechanics like player equipment and skill trees to differentiate itself from its various competitors, without much success.

You start up the game with your hero and you must tap to deal damage to enemies, after killing a bunch of them, you get to buy an attacking character that automatically deals damage, which helps you kill more enemies to buy more heroes and upgrades, seemingly forever. I love that core loop, but it's not that original anymore. Idle games could try going into different directions - I guess as a game designer, I should try and bring them in that different direction myself - and I quickly lost interest in this one, especially combined with the difficulty to access UI elements and to tap on enemies accurately on my old-ish device.

Slash Mobs has many of the systems you'd expect to find in a game of that genre; Tiered achievements that dole out a pittance of premium currency - not nearly enough to buy anything - hero upgrades that give them a few special passive abilities - I love some of what they got in Slash Mobs, it's not pure numerical damage boosts - and chests dropped by bosses. This time you need to slot chests into a special UI zone and wait for a specified number of hours before they open. That reminds me a bit of Clash Royale, and not in a really good way. You can also buy and equip various gear pieces to improve your character, and that's a neat idea, even if your character seems to hold his weapon in mid-air.

Slash Mobs left me unimpressed, but I don't have many bad things to say about it, it's a pretty run-of-the-mill one of those and I couldn't get into it enough to play through all of its systems in their entirety. If you have never played an idle game like this one, maybe give it a shot, otherwise, stick with what you know and love.

AuthorJérémie Tessier
Categories3/5, iOS, Idle