The Firm is one of these very simple but tightly created game where the number of actions you're expected to do is very low, but the pressure builds up and you make mistakes and complexity ramps up progressively until you ultimately lose. I had a good deal of fun trying to unlock the various power-ups you could get, but getting the last one was a bit too much grinding, so I stopped. I'd still recommend it, tho! It's a neat timewaster. Sorry for the lack of screenshots, my work process ate them.

The core gameplay loop is really simple; You're working in a firm and you have to decide between 'buying' (swipe left) and 'selling' (swipe right) stocks following simple rules. If the stock's color is red and going down, you buy, if it's going up, you sell. The rules are the opposite for green stock. You have a pile of papers going up increasingly fast and if it reaches the top, you lose, get fired and your character dies - except if you turn Happy Ending mode from the options. Added to these rules are special papers where you have to tap a certain number of times and then swipe up/down, power-ups and cash bonuses.

After a while you get mysterious papers where only the name of the companies are visible, and you're supposed to remember to either buy or sell. The number of companies increase over time, so does the difficulty. For each stock you process, you get money, which is then used to raise your rank and allow you to buy one-use power-ups. These have various abilities, such as raising your money multiplier, slowing down time, automatically sorting stocks, and more. I found that unlocking the last rank was a bit too long, so that's why I stopped, also I'm not a fan of single-use power-ups. Maybe you could've bought more uses per game for each of them, and they all auto-replenished each time?

Regardless, The Firm is pretty good, it's simple enough to just grab and play for a while, you need to be focus to perform well, the progression is also fine. A bit too grindy for me, but fine regardless!

AuthorJérémie Tessier