Mucho Taco is a bad idle game on iOS that first might have been a cool cookie-clicker rip-off but instead does nothing new or interesting with the genre and eschews some of the things that I would expect in an idle game. With bad core controls, slow progression and random consumable items, it's not a game I'd recommend to anyone.

The core act of making tacos is kinda terrible. In most idle games, you tap on the screen for the most basic action, here you have to swipe in order to make a taco. Swiping isn't as fast as tapping, the detection for a swipe isn't as good as the one for a tap, and it's a bit tiring. You start the game by making a bunch of tacos, which are used to purchase a restaurant. Your restaurants don't passively increase your tacos per second, instead they're open for a set period of time, get revenue - no idea what it does - and then close and need to be opened again. They seem to generate some tacos while they're open, but they're not the traditional idle 'thing' you get to get more resources. Worst yet, you can improve your restaurants with one-use items to make them generate more tacos at their unreliable speed.

You can also upgrade your 'main' taco, but it costs way too much. The game tries to spice things up by adding pinatas after set intervals with little random prizes inside, but that's not what makes a good idle game. The progression of idle games is all about getting enough things to buy more things to buy more things, and Mucho Taco is nothing like it. An idle game where you don't even bother about the next things you can buy because they're so far away and/or don't seem interesting won't be saved by random x2 tacos modifiers. You also have quests to complete, but they give premium currency, which would mainly be used on one-shot bonuses that won't give you that much enjoyment.

I didn't have fun at all with Mucho Taco, so that's that.

AuthorJérémie Tessier
Categories2/5, iOS, Idle