The Sequence is a neat little puzzle game on iOS where you have to bring dots from one circle to another using a sequence of mechanisms you lay down on a grid. Some of these pull or push, others will rotate things, some invert the action of mechanisms they target, others just shut them down. It's all a matter of following a proper sequence of action and figuring out where the pieces go in order to solve each puzzle. I had some frustrations with it, but overall it was a very good experience and a mighty fine puzzle game.

The first levels are very simple and include very few elements; For a while all you have are things to push/pull and rotate, so there aren't a million possible combinations you could try before you find the right one. As the game progresses, however, the difficulty spikes quite by a bit, at least it did for me. There is the twofold difficulty of having to place the right things at the right spots but also to choose the right sequence number for them. Devices activate in a set order and whether you push before you rotate or vice versa can change the way a puzzle goes, and this can be very trial-and-error prone. The game isn't too keen on the trial-and-error part, you have to change modes via a button at the top of the screen every time you want to make a change and test it, I wish you could more easily start a sequence and see if it works so you could quickly iterate.

If you get stuck, there are hints the game gives you after you complete puzzles, and they seem to be in limited quantity. I've used the hint system once to see what it was like, and while the game tells you straight up which pieces you have to put where, you still have to figure out the proper order of sequence, and that can take a few tries, why not just give the whole solution? These later puzzles really got tricky, and it seems that once you run out of hints, you're out of luck. Having to turn on/off certain mechanisms, rotate them, move them around, reverse their direction and try to get a system that moves multiple dots from one circle to another gets quite tough.

If you enjoy iOS puzzle games, The Sequence is pretty good, it's a bit too tough for me, so I probably won't finish it, but I had a great time solving puzzles and it made me feel pretty good with myself whenever I managed to do it. I recommend this game wholeheartedly.

AuthorJérémie Tessier