Tap Smiths is just boring; It's a game where you make items by tapping alternatively left and right on your screen and then after a while your day is over and you go sell these items and make some money with which you buy upgrades for your hammer, anvil and other tools. Then you rinse and repeat, with no apparent changes in the things you are making, how much you are making, and how much money you get at the end. That's why I've found Tap Smiths boring, there's no challenge, no progression and no real goal.

The core mechanic of the game is okay; tap alternatively left and right to forge items while you still have fuel. Tapping a bunch of times in a row gives you a multiplier, which gives you small fuel refills and other bonuses at some point. Even with upgraded fuel and hammers and what not, I never felt like I had higher multipliers or bigger bonuses, I always 'felt' that the number and quality of items I've made where stagnant, even if that wasn't the case and that felt demoralizing quick. Sometimes, there's a little elf that runs around and you're supposed to tap it to get bonuses, but if you fail at alternating your taps, you lose your multiplier and I've found the tap detection on the elf wonky.

You can also change your smiths, but they all seem to be exactly the same - I've felt that the game said there were smiths with special abilities, but I never unlocked any and wished there was a description that at least said the ones I had didn't do anything so I wouldn't wonder if it was a secret thing. There is a plethora of achievements, as usual. With a bunch of tiered challenges to complete that dole out the premium currency of the game. You can upgrade a bunch of your tools, but as said before, I've found that all upgrades felt useless, furthermore I didn't like how some upgrades took more than one purchase to get to the next level. 

While you're making stuff, you can find blueprints for new items to craft and you have to play a minigame where you need to tap following a specific pattern. I kinda wish that you had to smith actual items by remembering how they were made instead of just mashing left and right, a bit like Cook, Serve, Delicious! worked. By making enough of one item, you can pay iron to upgrade it so it's worth barely more money. There are also quests for you to get more gold, but most of your income comes at the end of the day when you sell everything you've made. I'm confused by the fact that you can tap on the merchant to get extra gold while seemingly pissing him off, can you do that all the time? Why wouldn't you? Why do you have to do this? After a while you get decorations with bonuses for your shop, but they didn't seem to improve my experience at all.

I tried getting into Tap Smiths because it seemed like a neat idea, after a slog of 30 in-game days or so, I figured out for myself that things were always going to be that boring and that I should stop playing. Maybe some other mechanics open up after more time, but that was as much I could stomach.

AuthorJérémie Tessier