Egg Inc. is an incremental clicker-like game where you press a button to hatch chickens that lay eggs that you then sell for money to buy upgrades to hatch more chickens and lay better eggs faster, to get more money so you can upgrade your eggs and then prestige to get even better eggs. It's a really neat idle game - even if it's idle component isn't free by default - and I sunk a ton of hours into it, and even a few bucks! It's a cool game.

The core gameplay of Egg Inc is just pressing a chicken button in order to spawn a few chicken. They run around the screen until they get into a chicken house. After a while you get to spawn a ton of chickens at once, then you have to wait until your hatchery fills up again. When there are a ton of chickens on screen, the framerate drops to single digits and makes the game a bit of a hassle to play while you wait for them to go where they're supposed to. It's a bit of a bummer since you want a ton of chickens on-screen to get money bonuses after a while, so they should've figured out a way to make the chickens not-lag the game. Maybe instead of spawning hundreds of chickens at once, they could've just spawned a bigger one?

Besides spawning chickens, you buy upgrades using the money you're making and the golden eggs you sometimes get. You get a good daily amount of golden eggs and you get some from completing challenges but it's weird how you can't see the challenges you can complete, and it seems like if you don't complete the 'current' challenge, you can't complete any other. Each upgrade you buy - either for your money flow, or your housing/shipping of eggs - adds a golden egg to a piggy bank that you can then break for 3.99$. I did so when I had more eggs than the 27.99$ package. Then spent them all immediately on upgrades and felt a bit bad about it, but not too much. It was, after all, a best value.

After you accumulated enough money, you can upgrade your egg, which resets your buildings and non-golden-egg upgrades to 0, but makes it quicker to get to where you were since the new egg is worth a few times more than the old one. After even more money accumulated, you get Soul Eggs which are a passive percentage bonus on all the money you're making, but resetting to cash them in causes your egg upgrades to reset too, so the path to last egg and the final upgrades must be really long - I didn't get there. Besides buying upgrades and hatching chickens, you tap on drones to get some money or eggs, or to complete challenges. It's an okay distraction, but about 75% of the time, when I tried to tap on drones, I instead tapped on the building behind them, opening a menu instead and rendering my odds of getting that drone almost nil.

Egg inc is a great clicker game, it's barely and idle one since you have to pay 6.99$ to get the most of the non-game progress going, otherwise you get about two hours of non-game progress maximum, limiting what can happen during that time. I spent a bunch of hours on it and even some money, so I can't recommend it more to fans of eggs and incremental games!

AuthorJérémie Tessier
Categories5/5, Idle, iOS