League of Legends developer Riot released this simple iOS game for a limited time - I don't think it's available anymore - as some kind of weird joke. I think that BPR is a neat little piece of LoL memorabilia in a way, and an okay game on its own, but it shows that this wasn't a 'real' product, released to actually make money in any way. It's a game where you run up and down while trying to bump into little creatures while using your rocket arm to grab them - and other enemies - in order to survive.

My main issue with the game is not how the game plays in and of itself, but more like the stuff around it; There's not enough progression, you only have a very small number of items you can buy with your gold, and while they give significant boosts, they take a while to get. It would have been better to have a larger number of smaller upgrades you could buy for your character instead. It's not a very complex game, but as it is there is close to no difference between two of your runs, so either you personally get better, or you grind for a little while to get new items, which might not even help you that much.

The basic controls work fairly well, you drag up and down to move Blitzcrank and you need to catch poros with your extending arm. Bumping into them makes them move further right, giving you more time to catch everything. If poros get to the left edge of the screen, they die and you lose a heart. As the levels go on you will find different types of poros - fast, toxic, shielded, frozen, etc. - that you'll deal with slightly differently. There are a few power-ups here and there you can get during the levels, but here again, there's not enough variety.

I think the strong point of BPR are the boss fights, especially if you enjoy some LoL like I used to; You 'fight' against other characters like Singed and Jinx, which mostly consists of dodging their attacks while getting close enough to grab and punch them three times. This is neat, and while quite simple, they represent these characters quite well.

Which is why I say that BPR is just some weird LoL prop, it's not really a full game - but it was free and didn't have any in app purchases - but it's still fun for an hour or so. I never got to buy the other characters and I wonder if they play any differently, but it's probably not that big of a change!

AuthorJérémie Tessier