Tadpole Tap is a simple little game where you're a tadpole, and you tap on things to stick your tongue out and grab them. By doing so, you accumulate flies that can be used to unlock new upgrades and different tadpoles. It's an okay game, I suppose, but it didn't grab my attention at all. After playing for about an hour, completing a number of runs during that time, I put it down and moved on to something else.

Which is not to say that the game is entirely without merit, because the frantic action of trying to outrun a rising water level, combined with the hazards you encounter during your climb is a potent concoction for stressful gameplay loops. Power-ups help you navigate your ascents, turning hazards into places you can safely grab or make you immune to dangers. Maybe I would've wished that the game had went for a little bit longer before you died.

My main problem with Tadpole Tap is that what I've just described was seemingly all I've gathered about the game in the time I've spent with it. I suspect that the mechanics might evolve as you get other tadpoles - maybe some of them attract flies like magnets or go faster or have different upgrades - but that the game pretty much stays at that level for all the time you're willing to put into it. And that got boring for me, real fast.

AuthorJérémie Tessier