SkyForge did not grab my attention at all. It might have been a neat free MMO, but I really don't enjoy the combat system - and what else is there, really? You might be able to change jobs at-will and some of the systems might be neat but if I don't enjoy killing things, there is not much left for me to do.  

I didn't enjoy the feel of the combat. If felt way too mashy, you have to click repeatedly since there are no auto-attacks, and you can't hold the mouse to continuously use the same power. You might have moves mapped to both mouse buttons, 1234, ZCV and R, but everything is on cooldowns and I feel that even with all those moves you're just going to use the same over and over. I mowed down all enemies I had to fight during the few story missions I did and at no point did I not do anything more than mashing a lot of left mouse button.

Besides that, I feel that the game has too many currencies and resources you get. Sparks of three kinds, credits, building resources, myrrh, argents and what not. You have a weekly cap on resources you can gather and becoming premium helps with that - which is a good thing somehow? I guess if you can get all the resources in a week that you can get faster, you don't need to play anymore for the rest of the week? You use sparks of different types to unlock passive stat bonuses, abilities and perks in a skill-tree type thing. But there are no branches, there's only one path, making the rate at which you unlock stats and skills fairly linear. Being able to change classes on the fly is cool, but then you have to buy skills for all classes you have, and multiple sets of gear as well.

Then again, I'm not sure how big of a problem that is, since SkyForge is one of those games with a billion different stats. Greatness, temper, violence, vigor... What good is all of that for? This made the game look seemingly too complicated, but at the same time I theorize that all of these stats are kinda useless and you wouldn't get a 'better' character by focusing on one instead of another. I will never know, because I played this for a few hours, then decided I was bored with it.

AuthorJérémie Tessier
CategoriesMMORPG, 2/5