Devious Dungeon 2 is okay as an iOS platformer with RPG mechanics. It's fairly balanced, the difficulty curve goes up in a manageable way and although coins are sold, you don't really need to buy anything with real money. That's probably one of my biggest issue with the game, in a weird way, there isn't much to spend your money on in order to get an easier time with the game. But that put aside, it's a pretty fun one.

You start the game by creating a character from 3 classes and it's not really explained what differentiates them. The mage could float and use projectile weapons, but I'm not sure if the other two guys did anything differently or had special gear for them too. Then you go into dungeons, which all have the same goal; find a key somewhere and then unlock the door to the next zone. There are 5 levels per area, and each level is divided into 5 zones, and if you die somewhere, you get sent back at the beginning of that level. A bit annoying sometimes, when you barely manage to get to the final zone and die, but it's not too frustrating. 

You unlock new gear by completing levels and then you buy it with the gold you've gathered from killing enemies and breaking pots and chests. This gating of content means that even if you were stuck at a point in the game and just farmed the same level over and over, you wouldn't ever be able to get better stuff, so you would be stuck. You still get some experience from killing enemies and that is used to boost either your damage, health or critical chance. Since I always boosted damage, maybe they could've made it so you get a boost in each stat one after another instead of letting you choose, but that's okay too.

You can equip a weapon, a ring and a potion. I was confused by the potions for the longest time, I thought they would be a one-use item with a fixed duration, not something you can equip. Why not make that gear type 'hats' or 'armors'?. Fighting enemies works pretty well, with ranged weapons anyways. Fighting bosses too isn't that bad, with their patterns and the way you can escape being hit. The only part of the platforming that I dislike are all the tight sequences with rotating traps and spikes everywhere, it's a bit clumsy on virtual buttons, especially when there are enemies to kill mixed with that.

In any case, Devious Dungeon 2 is pretty good, but as all iOS platformers, I wish it was on another system. The lack of unlockable stuff to help you beat the game hurts it a bit and the confusion with some of the class stuff and gear made me perplexed for a short while, but I had a fun time with it, going around dungeons, breaking stuff and killing things.

AuthorJérémie Tessier