ROP is a little puzzle game where you move ropes around in order to match shapes shown at the top of the screen. The difficulty comes from ropes being tied around in weird ways and you not being allowed to place two rope ends at the same place on the grid. It's not bad, even if there isn't much to say about it.

There mostly isn't anything to say because ROP is a one-trick pony, and that trick is to make shapes with ropes. I could talk a bit about my annoyance with the difficulty to properly evaluate how ropes are placed on the grid. While you might be able to see the whole picture in the earlier levels, when ropes get tied to three or four more others, it's really tough to see what connects to what. It's a bit deceptive even, you think you have a solution and you move one thing somewhere else, only to see that it was connected to three more things, and you have to start over. But it's part of the challenge, maybe coloring the ropes depending on where they lead would have been nice?

I also wish the game gave at least a 'perfect number of moves' goal to work towards, because as-is I've more or less brute-forced the later levels, throwing logic and deduction out of the window and just trying to move things around until it worked. This doesn't make for great puzzles and it's a bit frustrating at times, but like I said, one-trick pony. It's an original little puzzle game that might occupy you for a while, as it did for me.

AuthorJérémie Tessier