Mujo is a matching game where you match 3 tiles in order to do stuff - mostly damage to enemies, but you can also use them to level your heroes and collect treasures as well - and you can also 'combine' matched tiles in order for them to do even more effects. Tiles aren't destroyed automatically if 3 touch and breaking them brings the stack down. You can also raise the stack of tiles if you don't have any moves. An interesting fact about Mujo is the lact of 'lose' condition, you can play most levels forever and never lose. A fact that is rendered pretty moot by the battles that take forever and render the game boring to play after a short number of levels.

Some enemies have more specific victory conditions, such as defeating them in 20 turns - and you restart if you fail to - or deal a set number of damage to them at once. These fights are the best, as random enemies regenerate slowly their health and have huge life values. So huge that when I stopped playing the game it was because I still was pecking at the same guy for the last half an hour. You mix and match tiles to create larger and larger numbers but if you're not careful/lucky, these big numbers get blown off screen or destroyed by bombs.

You have a few heroes with various stats and abilities that you get from unlocking them in chests and these abilities cost lighting bolts. I've never ran out of them, although you can buy 240 for $22.99, and I wonder who would do such a thing. You can also just destroy blocks in exchange of lightning tokens, so I suppose in exchange of money there is no challenge in the game anymore. The abilities vary from destroying bombs to shuffling the tiles around. I didn't get more than 2 heroes because chests were super uncommon for the time I've played. You level them by matching certain symbols, but leveling also seems like it would take a very long time. There is no hurry from energy timers or pesky 'lose' conditions, but it's not very engaging.

If you want to tap blocks for a long time, Mujo might be for you, but I don't feel that it properly captures the fun part of such a game - clearing stages and unlocking new challenges and characters. Getting stuck for half an hour on 'Three Soldiers' that just regenerate health faster than I can damage them was just the nail in it for me.

AuthorJérémie Tessier