Wormarium bums me out. It's a neat little concept, it controls fairly well and there are no in-app purchases and dubious balance decisions. There's plenty of things to unlock and a whole bunch of levels as well, unfortunately, it's way too difficult for me. I've banged my head on the same level over and over and simply couldn't finish it! What a sad way to finish playing a game, uninstalling it only because I can't progress any more.

The game works like this; You're a worm and you move around a maze trying to fill it completely with your body. There's a mole that runs after you, following you around and trying to anticipate where you'll be going. If the mole catches you three time, you lose the level and must start over. To move, you flick the screen in the direction you want to go at the next intersection, and that works pretty well. You can find treasures with items - like the ability to reverse direction, or a hammer to stun the mole - but their location at the top of the screen makes them a bit unwieldy.

The game has cool style and all, but it's way too tough - at least for me. The mole either is too intelligent - or I'm too dumb - or maybe it's too fast. I literally couldn't beat that one level (That last screenshot), no matter how much I tried. And this wasn't even really far into the game! Maybe Wormarium should give you 'easier' moles at first and ramp it up towards more difficult versions of that obstacle.

It kinda pains me to end the review like this because I didn't get to try as much of the game as I wanted, but it just was too difficult. Maybe there was a trick I didn't get, maybe I repeatedly made the same mistakes over and over as I tried to beat that one level, but the result is more or less the same; I couldn't manage to get past it, so I had to stop.

AuthorJérémie Tessier