Words for Evil is a game where you make words out of tiles to attack enemies and use abilities. My experience with it was quite poor as the controls didn't work properly and some of the core ideas don't work really well for me. Besides that, the character system and the items you can get, the skill and their upgrades and the mechanics the game tosses here and there to help you try and beat it are a good effort and I had some fun with WoE.

First and foremost, I don't like how you select the tiles to form words. Sometimes I had words cancel out for no reason - I was making a word and it just acted as if I had cancelled - and sometimes the game will work perfectly. Another thing that bugs me is trying to undo a letter you just clicked on, you have to use cancel, which is a bummer since being able to quickly undo a wrong click should help. During your tile-matching waltz, enemies attack relentlessly. I feel that enemies not waiting for you to do your move - in a turn-based fashion - would make this a way easier game, but I won't hold it against WoE since it's a core design choice, and it works okay. Maybe adding a way to see how fast enemies are going to act? Maybe giving more than one attack to enemies, special moves like your characters do? Speaking of special moves, although characters have a range of moves they can do, I never felt like I had a good grasp on how they were used in-battle.

By defeating enemies and opening chests, you get gold that can be used to heal your characters or to buy items that increase your stats - or one-use potions that can help in a bind. The non-enemy encounters are a bit random, so you have to be lucky in order to find a shop, or a healing fountain, or to get a new character to join your party. You also can encounter traps and the mechanics of all these things are different. Chests require you to spell a word from ten letters, traps need you to make words from a bank of letters - but they don't need to be connected. Another mini-game of that sort is when a character dies, you have to make an anagram out of seven letters in order to revive your guy - or at least deal damage to the enemy. I feel that these minigames are too difficult. I never managed to complete such anagram and the words the chests require you to spell are words that - maybe as a non-native English speaker - couldn't find outright.

Still, WoE has good RPG mechanics with decent word-based puzzles. If you like both of these things and if your vocabulary is deep enough, you might have a good time with it.

AuthorJérémie Tessier