I'm not trying to be hyperbolic here, but SimCity BuildIt is literal garbage, it takes a thing you like, crushes it under the overwhelming machine that free to play casual microtransaction money-stealing barely-games time-wasting represents in today's gaming world and then tries to make you believe that it's a video game where you can do things and that it's worth your time. Preying on nostalgia and presenting production values that at least look like a decent game but otherwise a terrible tragedy for this week.

Hey, I like the achievement system that gives you premium currency for completing tasks! I always love it when achievement systems give things you can use in-game instead of being only for bragging rights.

This is a 'SimCity' game where you can't really build your city the way you want. It's a 'SimCity' game where you don't even build your own city at all! Things you can build are given to you at a specific rate gated by the time it takes you to build enough houses to get there. To build houses and upgrade them, you need materials which are produced on timers by your factories. You only have a limited number of factories and you have a limited number of things to transform your materials into other things.

This is a 'SimCity' game where everything is terribly expensive. You might make a few coins here and there by building houses - and everyday, on a timer - but you probably won't be able to afford the infrastructure - water, power, fire stations that cover a tiny square of the map - in order to keep people to make you money. I had to buy coins during the tutorial in order to build a fire station, and that wasn't presented as a 'here's some premium currency that you're going to immediately use to buy coins' thing, I had to do it on my own or I couldn't have progressed.

This isn't SimCity, it's just following a template with a different theme. And I'd have to assume that people pay for that garbage of a game. At no point you'll be able to make the city you want or experiment with city planning techniques. All you'll do is tap on things and wait, or spend real money.

AuthorJérémie Tessier