Spellfall makes me angry as a designer. It's a neat game, you match things to attack with elements, you get powerful tiles if you match more than three, you equip stuff, you charge up to cast magic. Spellfall is also everything that is wrong with mobile gaming nowadays, a cheap experience that seems fine for a while but quickly becomes impossible to bear.

First and foremost, your hit points go down quite quickly after a few maps in, and they come back on a timer, why on a timer? I've geared my character to be able to heal myself as much as possible, but that still wouldn't do it, when you die, you have to pay or wait. Maybe you should buy that 129.99$ sword in order to...

I rubbed my eyes at that point, 129.99$ for a sword? For a single app purchase? Would that sword make you invincible? Kill everything in one hit? If it didn't, why would you be paying 129.99$ for a thing in a game that would've been fine at 10$ on the some other store without the in-app purchases?

I hate it, no matter how good the game could be, it doesn't matter at all because I'll never get there. Why do that kind of business with a good game? Why not just make it a real, properly balanced game where you can just play it and go through the game without having to spend money to open random chests or go to facebook? What's up with mobile games that are too close to being good for what they really are?

Because Spellfall is a cashgrab, even if the core mechanics and the production value are about what you would expect from a regular game. But no, there's a 130$ sword, enemies get too tough after a bit and then you don't have anymore fun, which is what makes this extra super frustrating. I'm beginning to lose faith in iOS gaming 

AuthorJérémie Tessier
CategoriesiOS, RPG, 2/5