Tiny Dice Dungeon isn't as bad as last week's game, but I found it an annoying game to play. No matter the fatigue system, it's one of the core mechanics that just turned me off the game. I know that the main theme here is risk versus reward, but the risk is too sharp, the potential reward is not worth the consequences except if you are extremely lucky.

The basic thing you do in this game is roll die. Die rolled influence how much damage you deal to your enemies, how much healing you get, and some die are modifiers upon your other results but the main thing you do is roll die. If you roll a 1, you miss with your attack, no matter if you had managed to roll 100s of dices beforehand, no matter if you're going to die next turn, a roll of 1 negates everything you just did. Now, the odds of a 1 are fairly 1 out of 6, and that's enormous, but I wish the game would softe up the ones. Just make it so your turn ends if you roll a 1, get a penalty on the damage done mitigated by the number of dice you managed to roll beforehand, something like that would feel fairer and would make the game a bit more manageable too. I know they want to sell these revive feathers...

Besides that, you have pets that also attack using die, but their capture and training is a bit too convoluted in my opinion, also the way you make new die by using dice pieces you get from enemies or by buying uncut dices for real money. Both of these systems have too many moving parts and I wish they were streamlined, because otherwise the core gameplay of rolling die is quite straightforward. Another example are the chests at the end of a level, there are a bunch of them to choose from, what's the point? It's not really a choice if I don't know what I'm choosing from and the items don't really matter anyways.

The core idea in TDD is cool, I'll give it that, but the meat around the bone isn't for my liking. Too difficult, too convoluted, too messy with systems here and there that don't amount to much in the end.

AuthorJérémie Tessier
Categories3/5, iOS, RPG