Rusted Emeth is a very average RPG with a few weird control issues and some things that could be explained better. I love the style of games where you have both a pilot and a mech, it's a bit weird when they both can deal and/or take almost the same amount of punishment, but I was curious about the game so I let it slide. A bit on the incomprehensible stats side with an uncertainty in game progression, RE didn't grab me at all.

The quests in the game are all over the place, you start by killing a scorpion, which is fine, and then you go loot the scorpion, then you escort someone, then you go into a hideout in which I was horribly murdered by everything that moved. Should I have been doing other stuff in-between these quests? Was there anything else to be done? You are some kind of mech pilot and you do missions for a guild, there were a bunch of missions when I got at the guild counter but the story clearly was pointing me towards taking one. How about having them labeled as story quests and random quests to get stronger and when you select the story quest THEN you start the cutscene that shows what happens.

Moving around is a bit tedious, you can use touch controls and touch where you want to go (and get stuck in the scenery, or re-enter the town you just left) or you can have a giant virtual d-pad with virtual buttons that take about a third of the screen. They should have went with the touch controls only, but make them better. The battles control perfectly well, you tap the circles with the icons representing what you want to do, no big deal.

In battle, you have a shield (with... some value) that regenerates over time (by... some amount) and besides that your mech has barriers and HP while your character only has HP. You fight various enemies in and outside of your mech with various weapons, some hit for more damage, others hit all enemies in a pack. You can also buy special weapons for real money, but that's not my forte, so I didn't. You otherwise don't have many special moves and I was quickly overwhelmed by enemies that I was supposed to be able to defeat. Then I quit the game, too bad.

AuthorJérémie Tessier
Categories3/5, iOS, RPG