What if Nintendo went free-to-play with Pokémon? How would they sell it? Would they still put the same production values into the game? Would the game feel fair and balanced or would it feel like you need to pay money in order to have even odds? I'm not sure where Micromon fits in this whole picture, but it smells both of Pokémon rip-off and of pay-to-win systems implemented together in a bland game that I won't play anymore.  

Premium currency? Check. Being able to use that currency to buy 'random' creatures so you could do it over and over to get the better ones? Check. The equivalent of master balls, but you can only get it by paying money? Check, again. These systems are everywhere. You can pay to change your character sprite or to get a pet, you can pay for the equivalent of the bike, these things are kinda okay, but paying to catch micromons or to access the safari zone equivalent, that's kinda dumb. 

Otherwise, the creatures look like mishmashes of pokemons and the battle system looks very much like it. Your creatures have stamina which is used to replace PPs and you use various moves with different elements and effects against your enemies. Each micromon has a DR value which tells you how quickly their stats will rise and I suppose that it's a good thing to surface such a thing to the player. Another thing I like is how you recover health and stamina after fights, so you don't have to fumble with potions and menus as much, One thing I find weird about the battle system is how your speed gives you more attacks before your opponent can move. It's annoying when you have less than others and in 25 levels it never went up.

Anyways, I don't have much to say about this game, it feels like a bland, cheap pokémon ripoff with the personality of a flash game and pop-ups asking me if I like the game, please buy our golden eggs, they're 50% off, please. The music's kinda catchy, for what it's worth.

AuthorJérémie Tessier
Categories2/5, iOS, RPG