Paperma is an okay little puzzle game where you fold paper around in order to fill a certain area of the screen with it. You have a limited number of moves to do so and a percentage score that tells you how much of the area you've filled - and how much of the outside area isn't filled. If you get stuck, you can buy hints that reveal the next move you should do. It's one of these calm puzzle games where you can solve a bunch of time while taking your time.

I have a few issues with the game, but they're fairly known by now, first of all I feel like the imprecise controls make the game's puzzles sometimes feel the same way. Am I not getting 100% because I have found a wrong way to solve the puzzle or is it because I'm not able to place it as pixel perfect as it wants in order to get all the points? Luckily, you can move to the next level with only 80% completion, you can undo and restart very easily, so it's all good. Still, having some anchor points on a grid to snap to in order to facilitate the process would've helped.

Also there are the ads, I hate them, even in free games, they pop randomly hoping you will tap on them, sometimes you have to close them with these tiny x buttons in the corner, or they'll be more involved in order to trick you. Free game makers, offer a "Remove ads" purchase, please! Or tell me if buying a hint pack will remove ads? I would've bought the ad remover thing in a heartbeat because I found the game neat. It's like that with many free games, I get that they have to make money but they really should think about better ways to do so.

AuthorJérémie Tessier