Tales of the Adventure Company is a game where you have to go through floors of grid dungeons in order to fight a boss, along the way you defeat random enemies with various powers and weaknesses, collect new party members and find potions to boost them. I had a good time with this game, although there are a few bugs here and there like keys appearing out of nowhere and interface layers piling up on top of each other for no reason.

Tapping squares on the map reveal enemies and you know from the information at the top of the screen what patterns the enemies are in. You also know the same for new party members. If you hold any enemy or character, you'll see more detailed info - but not detailed enough, I wish it told me the attack of that character and maybe its max hit points - but in order to choose which character is your leader, you have to either hold them or tap and then click a button, for the frequency that I changed my leader, I wish you could just tap on them to switch and hold for more information, like in every other situation. Classes have various effects, dealing more damage to enemies when they're alone, healing your whole party when they die, etc. They have enough variety to make it worth it to switch them around from time to time.

Enemies also have special powers and some of them are quite bad - such as reducing the maximum hit points of your leader permanently - but your characters are so expendable that it doesn't matter too much in the long run. The battle system is fairly simple, you hit enemies, they hit you back, you can run away and switch character anytime you want. I have a little issue with the way 'killed' enemies still attack you, or the way some enemies with attack based on their health will change these stats only the turn after you've damaged them, maybe this would be fixed by making the enemy attack first or maybe by just making it so enemies die when they have no more hp, and that's that.

You  complete quests by defeating enough enemies in a level or by recruiting a perticular character enough times. Most quests will reward you with a small bonus, like +1 to the health of your heroes or having more heroes in your party. These rewards are fine, as they help you progress in future stages, I can't say that I care too much about the reward given by recruiting enough of a class, which is that you're going to see that class in future levels. What if it's a class you don't like? Should you avoid picking it up even though you need more characters? There should be some toggle for these things, or maybe these quests could give something else entirely.

Finally there's the whole point of you having a limited number of moves, that's fine with me, resting at a camp takes 10 turns, which is a lot, but manageable. What I don't like is losing when I'm out of turns, but fail to see where I've spent them all and what I was doing that took so much time. Maybe there should be a class with an ability related to turns, how about a shadow-like sneaky class that doesn't spend turns when discovering enemies? That being said, Tales of the Adventure Company is a neat little game and you should try it out if you like puzzle rpg-like things.

AuthorJérémie Tessier