Earn to die 2 is a little "endless runner" type of game where you drive a car around with simple and usable controls for iOS - a bit like Trials with tilting and things like that - and run over zombies, boxes, exploding barrels and make money doing so. You then use that money to upgrade your car in order to progress a little bit further and make more money, in order to - you guessed it - do the same thing, almost forever. There are a few flaws with ETD2, but I mostly had fun with it before it became repetitive and pointless.

This game where your main goal is to make enough money to upgrade your car parts has a money sink to drain your money in the form of the gas system. You have four types of gas, one is free and the other are more and more expensive, and it auto-selects the most expansive you can afford - ruining efforts to save money - when you start a new run. It's a bit silly, because while I believe that better gases are better, it's not explicitly stated what that gives you, so you feel like you're throwing money away. Even if you spend most of your cash buying really good gas, your run could be over in seconds following an exploded engine anyways, or getting stuck somewhere and losing because you're not moving anymore.

You have to make lots of runs in order to learn the layout of the maps and to get enough upgrades to get at the various checkpoints and the presence of a money doubler reinforces my belief that you have to make maybe too many runs. It's fun to drive on zombies and to boost across ramps in order to launch your car into the sky, but it gets annoying after a while. I'm also confused about the various slow-motion movements with a text claiming "AWESOME" that interrupts my run, without any benefits. Maybe that could give me something, like restore gaz/boost, or money. Or just tell me what I did that was so awesome. Destroying boxes seems to be only to hinder you as well, the zombies are worth a bit of money, maybe boxes should be too? What about a health bar for my engine, that could help as well.

The biggest issue I see is the way you change vehicles and all of your upgrades leave behind. The game says the new vehicles are 'better', and I suppose they have higher maximum values for each specific stat, but by not surfacing any of them, I feel like I'm getting a worse car and I need to do all upgrades over again. Some things are clearly lost, like boosting capability, weapons and armor. Or do the new vehicles come with armor already? (They clearly don't have boosting and weapons). If losing abilities is an upgrade, maybe they should rework how the whole thing operates. Maybe the first vehicle shouldn't have a gun and boost and by the end you could have new and interesting ways to kill zombies and run through things, because as it is right now, upgrading doesn't feel good.

After going through three vehicles, I finally got bored of ETD2 and the allure of upgrades and 'new' maps to drive through wasn't enough to keep me playing past that point. Maybe with the money doubler it would've been okay, but it just then means that the game should have went twice as fast and was cut to allow the opportunity there to make money.

AuthorJérémie Tessier