LLTQ is a choose-your-own-adventure kind of game. It's framed as a princess simulator - where you play a 14 year old kid that is going to become queen after a year passes - and each week you make a few choices to raise certain stats, manage your mood and try to evade dangers that could result in a game over - there are few second chances in this game - but it does certain things right in a way that makes it fun instead of frustrating.

The most important thing about LLTQ is the absence of randomness, it might hurt the game in the very long run when you've seen everything there is and you know how to win each time - because if you did the same things you'd get the same results - but if you die because of a failed Dog Training check at some point, you'll know that if you make the same choices again - angering some noble or going to a party - you need higher Dog Training. One flaw of the game is how fast these texts go, you don't really have time to understand what stats you needed, furthermore it would have been helpful if the game shown you how high you had to raise these characteristics so to help you on your next run.

Each week, you pick up two classes you'll attend and there is a wide range of seemingly random things you could pick from - but they all can be important depending on the choices you make. You also have four 'mood' ratings that vary between two things and they affect positively and negatively your skills, so you have to keep these things at the right spots for the skills you're trying to train. You also can equip outfits which improve your stats some more. The trick of course, is to know what to train and when and what choices to make. Going to some event might cause you to die from a thing, but not going might do so in another fashion. You won't know these things before you try them.

With so many ways to die but so little ways to successfully get crowned queen, LLTQ might take you a while to complete with the proper ending you want. With a FAQ you could finish the game with the best ending, but try getting it on your own, you just need to level Naval Strategy a whole lot.

AuthorJérémie Tessier
Categories4/5, Puzzle