Genre: Simulation, RPG, Arcade, Quiz, Social, Idle

Features: Perks, pulling and pushing stuff to the internet

  • Project started on: July 21th 2015
  • Project completed on: August 8th 2015
  • Approximate time spent on project: 35 hours

VIRTUAL PET was a palate cleanser, it was a smaller game done for a GameJam based around virtual pets. I've decided to make my virtual pet be like a normal program, accessing files in your computer, writing and reading data, looking at your running processes, etc. Although the deadline for the jam itself was pushed back multiples times, I still decided to stop where I did even if many other features could've been crammed into VIRTUAL PET. It's still a neat thing that shows the kind of games I make!


About the game

There is no clear goal in VIRTUAL PET, since it's a pet simulator. That being said, you get perks whenever your pet dies (either from having no more lives, or as a choice you can make after a certain point) and when you get all of them, you 'win'. VIRTUAL PET has an activity timer that goes down (it goes down faster the more things VIRTUAL PET knows) and when it hits 0 VIRTUAL PET will suggest an activity. Activities are unlocked by raising certain stats, playing for a set number of time, or by getting specific perks.

Activities include:

  • Explore: Your VIRTUAL PET will want to be placed in a new folder of your computer
  • BLOCK WAVE: Waves of block will move from top to bottom of the screen, click them all!
  • Questions: VIRTUAL PET will ask you your nickname/city of residence/age
  • Maths: Simple addition/subtraction/multiplication with 3 numbers between 0 and 100
  • Write a message: VIRTUAL PET asks for you to write a nice message to him somewhere on your computer
  • PET SAYS: Much like Simon Says
  • Favorites: VIRTUAL PET asks you about your favorite food/drink/movie/etc.
  • Quiz: VIRTUAL PET pulls a random Wikipedia page, blanks certain words, and you have to figure out what the page is
  • Music: VIRTUAL PET will play a .wav or a .ogg file from your MyMusic folder
  • Rating: VIRTUAL PET will ask you to rate it on a scale of 1 to 5
  • Logic Quiz: A simple TRUE/FALSE logic puzzle
  • PET PONG: A pong game against VIRTUAL PET
  • PET Meetup: Virtual Pet will go to the internet to find information on another VIRTUAL PET and its owner
  • Battle: A turn-based RPG battle against a random enemy.

Perks include:

  • Life + 1 (There are 5 of these)
  • Happy, Smart, Social, Playful gains x2
  • Unlocking four new activities
  • Power x2
  • Recovery speed x2
  • Improving odds of getting good activities
  • Increasing the speed the activity timer goes down
  • Reducing stat losses
  • Cosmetic additions to VIRTUAL PET: Glasses, a smile, flashy colors, a minipet that moves around.
AuthorJérémie Tessier